Ptc Referral Secrets 2.0 Review and showing for your viewing pleasure. Part 3

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Ptc Referral Secrets 2.0 Review and showing for your viewing pleasure. Part 3 Empty Ptc Referral Secrets 2.0 Review and showing for your viewing pleasure. Part 3

Post  memg1976 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:31 pm

5 This is a non-profit eBook that can be distributed free of charge.

 Social Bookmarking or Networking  Twitter,
Facebook, etc.,
All the above methods work great for getting referrals and
most of them need more and more time and efforts. I tried
most of the above methods and got some referrals. But
doing all those things manually is exhausting and very time

PTC Referral Secrets Method – I
At that time I found Bidvertiser (also PPC) and it gave me
$20 in free clicks after joining. I used $20 and got many
referrals. After joining Bidvertiser, everything changed, I
am getting referrals on auto-pilot and it needs only <5
minutes daily to monitor the campaign.
Most of the PTC & PTR sites are using Bidvertiser as
publishers. When you advertise in Bidvertiser, your ad will
be shown to 100s of targeted sites 24x7 on Auto-Pilot.

Ok so i tryed this with bidvertiser. First bidvertiser is set up for ebay and auction sites. Yes you can advertise ptc sites there. It's a charge for the advestisement and that 20 mention you do not get anymore. It's works but alot of the referral i got from this method not active direct referral. So it a risk and you need to toss money at all to see if it works.

There a walkthough here for bidvertiser but i can tell you if you like to try. Google bidvertiser go to the site sign up. Start your campaign. Again there risk involve so your choice.

Key words to used. I do not agree with all of these but some would be good.

earn extra cash
earn from home
earn money
earn money from home
extra income
extra money
fast cash
fast money
financial freedom
get rich
home based jobs
home based opportunities
home based opportunity
home based work
home job
home jobs
homebased business
how to earn money
how to make money online
income from home
income opportunities
income opportunity
internet jobs
internet money
job at home
jobs at home
liberty league
make cash
make money
make money online
make money online free
making money
mlm business opportunity
mlm opportunities
money from clicking
money from clicks
money from home
network marketing
online business
online home business
online job
online jobs
online money
paid by clicking
paid to click
paid to read
quick money
residual income
retirement income
work at home
work from home

Ok this is alot of key words lol part 3 done. Im sure some work try if you like.

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