Ptc Referral Secrets 2.0 Review and showing for your viewing pleasure. Part 5 Final.

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Ptc Referral Secrets 2.0 Review and showing for your viewing pleasure. Part 5 Final.

Post  memg1976 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:01 pm

He show his referral here. Quite a few.

Last part coming up.

Make More Money By Disconnecting

(from blog ‘KrisMainieri’)

We spend a good 70% of our time online majoring in minor
things – like checking our stats, email, skype, forums etc…
When I had no internet, I remember driving home and
thinking of everything I wish I could do if I wish. I even
listed them in order of importance and created a clear action
plan, can you guess what happened after I Connect Internet


Follow the steps below EXACTLY and I guarantee you’ll get
clear on what your priorities are and you’ll make MASSIVE
Here’s your action plan (you might want to write this

#1 - Completely disconnect your internet modem/router
from it’s power source.

#2 - Do absolutely NOTHING PC related for atleast 1 hr….
trust me on this… it’s important! (This includes using your
phone browser).

#3 - After backing off for a minimum of 1 hr, this should
give you some stuff to think about in your business… write
down the 4 most absolutely critical actions you need to get
done but have been putting off.

#4 – Write under each item a quick 5-step action plan for
getting this thing done. Keep it simple.

#5 – When and ONLY when you’re 100% clear and focused
on what needs to be done, then connect your internet.

#6 – Rinse and repeat! One you learn how to distinguish
play time and work time is when you’ll start working in a
whole different level.

Try it out and see how this work for you!

I bet this works lol. But im not doing it are you lol. Yes this was part of the document lol what in the world are you talking about lol too funny.

This other part is banners. Well i hope this is worth something to you. It was a good read for me.

I thought i would share it with my cyber buddies. Enjoy and happy earning.

Meng 1976 signing off.

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