New scam site to watch out for. And more good info about investing

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New scam site to watch out for. And more good info about investing

Post  memg1976 on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:43 pm

This happen a while back but i want to give my cyber buddies a heads up. So here what happen i was part (past tense) of this site levasfirm. Here what happen he was selling on direct referral for 0.20 in the ptc scene this is un heard of. I should have known something was wrong. At first there were like 450 for sale people start buying like crazy but that number was going down and commin back up. There was a disclaimer added the next day which is normal saiding these are real people they may not click lol. So this site was running out got to 0 at one point then it climb back to 402. Me being me i bought 25...... Here the screw job lol. No click from any the dates on the referrals were like 9-12 last clicks 9-14 last active 9-14 mine they were purchase 9-25. I don't know how they are doing it but they are selling dead referrals lol.

I little advise buying referral can be good if there active but make sure that site is paying for clicks heavy or upgrade real fast. Problem is your math need to be very good to make money. If not your better off taking ads space for cheap and earning them.

For example:

If buying a direct referral for a 1.50

in as a free member your earning 0.0010 a click do the math how many clicks do you need to get that back.

Answer: alot of clicks 1500 lol. Need less to say that referral need to stay active.

Im not talking about any site in general im just saiding invest wisely you can make money at this but you need alot of referrals 50 or more and the biggest upgrade to do it...

I've earn more referrals with ads space than buying. So make sure your reading to fine print close. Also some sites pay in 10 days interval. This mean every 10 days you can cashout. If your paying membership make sure it add up to payout. Very important yes i've seen some sites just making money on membership alone paying you less and taking in money.

Anyways i hope this help when your deciding where to put your money. You heard the saiding you need to spend money to make money that very true with the ptc scene.

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Re: New scam site to watch out for. And more good info about investing

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:44 am

Oh, love it.. Very Happy worth reading...
I am hoping that all of our members will give time reading this..
This is real scenario that is happening now...
Being wise is the number 1 key for your success in a PTC world..
You will developed your own skill on how to win or how to earn in PTC..
Better take ideas from others..
Oh, my favorite phrase is this
"A wise person learns from his mistakes but,
A wiser person learns from the mistakes of others"
Razz Razz Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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