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Xtmbux are you there yet. Empty Xtmbux are you there yet.

Post  memg1976 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:47 pm

Admin has been busy making this site.


And yes i've been promote to mod for the new site. We talk about alot of things ideas were pass back and forth. First thing you guys will like is instant payout, and we talk about selling direct referrals. Yes if you get in on the ground floor referrals are active This is always good consider you want to make money doing this. And you will have first shot at chossing your path to greatness.

Also we will be helping you to improve your skill in making money.

You guy know me if you read any of my post i have always share what i've learn and i will continue to do so.

So come in join say hello in forum.

Memg1976 signing off.


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